Launch into summer for the 5pm Community

Important update for the 5pm Community

After consulting with the 5pm Community, as we seek to renew our vision for the 5pm Worship Service, we will be entering into a summer mode of worship, which will include: 

  • Worshiping with the 11am (starting June 30 and concluding August 25) 

  • Meeting twice as a 5pm community: Sunday, July 14 and August 18 at 5:00pm

During the summer months, a launch team of 5pm Community members, led by Pastor Nick Renaud, will be gathered. The mandate of the team is to pray and plan for a renewed 5pm Worship Service and Community that is growing, invitational and sustainable. 

Please pray for this team and the process of discernment and planning: that God would guide and direct us into an exciting way forward. 

Important summer dates 

  • June 23 - launch into the summer season of the 5pm Community, worship at 5pm

  • June 30 - begin worship together with the 11am 

  • July 14 - 5pm Worship Service 

  • August 18 - 5pm Worship Service 

  • September 1 - launch of our renewed 5pm Worship Service 

  • September 8 - Welcome Back BBQ at 11am and 5pm