Receive Care

At Knox, we want to be a caring, supportive and helpful community. If you require support in any of the following areas, please contact us (there’s a form below). Areas of care and support:

Everyday Care

Everyday care is the care that we all need from a community that gives us important friendships, prays for us, and supports us through the everyday challenges of life. At Knox, the best way to experience everyday care is by joining a Home Church.

Essential Care

If you find yourself in need of financial assistance to meet the essential needs of life (food, shelter, etc.) we offer benevolence on a case-by-case basis which can be accessed through the contact form below.

Escalated Care

We know that there are seasons in life where more intense and intentional care is needed. Escalated care offers the help you need for the situation you find yourself in, with pastoral relationship, expert referrals, or guidance through life events and changing circumstances.

Escalated care may help with:

  • Depression and Anxiety

  • Bereavement and Loss

  • Relationships

  • Spiritual and Personal Direction

  • Sexual Harassment

Initiate care

Fill out this form to get in touch with our care team.