Connecting with your Elder

Is Knox already your church? Members and regular attendees are invited to connect directly with your elder (assigned by the first letter of your last name).

You may want to connect with your elder for personal ministry such as prayer, conversation, or occasional visiting. Our elders would most like to get to know you, learn more about your journey of faith, and gain understanding about how they can help make Knox a Church that effectively disciples the diversity of people that make up our church family.

Note: If you and your spouse have a different last name, your elder will be associated with the first letter of the husband’s surname. If no phone number is listed for your elder and you do not use email, contact Wendy Rogalski 416-921-8993 x239 and Wendy will connect you with your elder.

*this list is up to date as of February 2019

A-B Ray Chin:

C Alex Campbell:

D Patrick Twaddle:

E-G Katie Fuller:

H-K Eva Aboagye:

L (and R) Greg Summers:

Jacob Chandler:

N-Q Nick Reaburn:

R (and L) Greg Summers:

S-T Norine Love:

U-Z Karen Williams: