New to church? You’re welcome here!

If you’re curious about getting to know Jesus, experience the nurturing community of the church, and ask life’s big questions, we are absolutely here for that.


What to expect on Sunday

If you’ve never gone to a church, or haven’t gone since childhood, walking up to our big, old stone church can be an act of bravery! We respect your courage and we also want to tell you know some things that’ll help you know what to expect when you walk through our doors:

Welcome + Finding a seat

When you come to Harbord and Spadina to our church, walk down Spadina a bit and you'll see our church building. When you walk up the steps into church, you’ll probably meet a greeter who will say hi to you and give you a bulletin. The bulletin is a program of the service, which will help you follow along. It also includes some other information about what’s happening in our church.

Feel free to chat with the greeter if you have any questions! If you’d rather walk right in and sit down, that’s cool. You can sit anywhere you want to, as close or far away from the stage as will make your experience most comfortable for you.


We do something really great every single week: we sing together. As long as there have been churches, Christians have been singing songs to God with each other. We don’t expect you to know these songs, so we project the words to help you follow along. If you’re adventurous, you can join right in. If you’d rather listen and learn these songs before singing along, you’re more than welcome to do that.

Why do we sing? For many of us, we encounter God in a unique way when we sing to him together.

Confession and passing the peace

Every single time we gather, we make sure we make space to be transparent and intentional with God. We confess the ways that we hurt others because we know it’s important for us to experience forgiveness together. Every week, we need to be reminded that God forgives us—that’s why we do this thing called “confession.”

Then, after we receive an “assurance of pardon” or hear the promise that we’re forgiven, we take some time to “pass the peace.” This means that we greet each other and are reminded that God is joining us together in forgiveness and peace. During this part of the service, people often get up and shake hands with each other, greeting each other with a simple “Hi!” or sometimes one person will say “The peace of Christ be with you” or simply “Peace of Christ”, and the other person will respond, “And also with you!”

If you feel more comfortable just sitting during this section of the service, that’s also fine.

The message

Ranging anywhere from 20-40 minutes, the sermon or the message is a reflection on part of the Bible.


The offering is the part of the service where we invite people to donate money. Don’t feel any pressure to give during the offering, this is an invitation that we extend to those who consider Knox their home church. Church isn’t something that you have to pay for, like going to a concert, but many Christians follow a long-time teaching of sharing 10% of their finances to support the work of the church and those in need. Regardless of where you are in your faith journey and regardless of your economic class, you’re welcome to come without putting a dime in the offering plate. Church is freeeee!


We end our services with a blessing. We go to church to encounter God—together—and then get blessed to bring God's goodness back into every corner of our life, family, neighbourhood, school, and workplace.

After the service

If something’s happening in your life and you’re feeling brave and interested, we have a trained team of folks ready to pray with you and for you after the service. That might be a big leap for your first visit, but we anticipate God will meet us at worship, and you might just have that experience, too! Know that you’re not alone.

If you’re curious to know more about Knox, we host a short time called First Steps after the service where folks can meet a staff person, ask questions, tour the church, and hear a little more about Knox. It’s usually about 15 minutes, but you can stay as short or long as you’d like. You can also just check out the information tables near the entrances and pick up any print goods that seem helpful.

You can also come and leave without speaking to anyone, but we’d love for you to really experience all the goodness that church has to offer and getting to know and be known in our church's community is a big way that you’ll encounter God here.


Alpha: ask questions about life, meaning, and faith

Alpha is a series of interactive sessions over dinner, where you’ll get to discuss questions of life, meaning and the Christian faith.

Come and join us for the next Alpha launch night - details are here.

Visit for all the details you’ll need about Alpha.

If you have any additional questions or are planning on attending, email Hannah at



Talk to a Pastor

Got big questions and want to talk directly to a pastor? Contact us and let us know!

Get resources

Sometimes the right book can change your life! We’d love to give you a Bible and connect you with some other books that may be helpful for you. You can pick up a free gift bag at the Info Centre after the service or check out our library.