Pray 11:21

Our most productive work is prayer (seriously!).

We are calling Knox to united, persistent prayer because it is our lifeline. It is how we commune with God, connecting to his heart of love for us. And it’s the fuel behind our ministry within the city. There is absolutely no advancement of the gospel, in our hearts or in our city, without a firm foundation in prayer.

We are calling everyone at Knox to seek God’s face together, asking God to grow our church, recognizing that any growth - all growth - only comes from God. And so we pray because as Charles Spurgeon noted, “Prayer is the slender nerve that moves the muscle of omnipotence.”

As part of our Pray 11:21 initiative - praying for the growth of Knox Church - we are providing a daily prayer prompt and resource. It is user-friendly form of what’s commonly called the Daily Office (a form of prayer that has shaped and enriched Christian prayer and worship for centuries). The simplified format includes:

Invitation: we begin our prayers as people invited into God's presence. The invitation helps to open ourselves to the Gospel. It aids us in becoming aware and mindful of God's presence.

Scripture: everyday we’ll have a scripture passage to read out, allowing us to immerse ourselves in God’s story.

Prayers: there will be a written prayer that gathers our individual prayers together as one. It’s a way that our whole church is united in our intercession and thanksgiving. Feel free to spend more time in prayer regarding the focus of the prayer or simply offer the written prayer with thanks to God.

Blessing: God always gets the last word in our worship. First, God blesses us. Then God sends us out into the world, to live a life that reflects his love, mercy, and truth.

This weekly cycle of daily prayer will be emailed to you for your mid-day prayers for the growth of Knox (at 11:21 or whenever you are able to pray in the midday). We’ll send it Monday - Saturday, repeating the same daily offices each week. Sunday is not included because we’ll be together in worship. If you’re out of town and not able to be with the community for worship, do pray at 11:21 for Knox.

And one final encouragement: as you pray, pray boldly. We are asking God for 25% growth for Knox Church - but perhaps we need to upsize our prayers because God invites us to keep asking, seeking, and knocking. God hears and answers prayer. He loves to give good gifts. If we're going to have much of an impact in our city and on the world around us, it's going to be through bold, united, prevailing prayer.

Remember who we are praying to and pray accordingly. John Newton wrote a hymn in which one verse reminds us how best to pray: “Thou art coming to a king, large petitions with thee bring. For his grace and power are such, none can ever ask too much.”

Download a PDF of our daily litanies - save this file to your favourite device and set your alarm for 11:21am to join us in prayer.

Download a PDF of our daily litanies - save this file to your favourite device and set your alarm for 11:21am to join us in prayer.