What is TEAM: Knox Volunteer Day & Training?

A day to be encouraged and trained as a volunteer in all areas of ministry at Knox Church. 

The afternoon policy training portion is required for all volunteers at Knox Church.

(Note: This is an updated policy training - only those who have completed it in the past 12 months, during sessions led by Nick Renaud and Ashlee Campbell, are exempt and able to attend the optional afternoon Christian Leadership seminar.) 

How do I sign up?

Right here

What is the schedule for the day?

Morning: coffee & worship service.

Lunch: lovely catered meal provided as a small Thank You! to our awesome volunteer teams. 

Afternoon: policy and procedure training that ALL Knox volunteers must complete as per Session and the Leading with Care team's mandate. 

(Note: For those who completed the updated policy training in the past 12 months, there will be a Christian Leadership seminar option in the afternoon)

Will there be childcare?

Yes, for ages 2 - 12. And children are welcome to join us for lunch. 

There will also be quiet play areas in the main sessions for the under 2s. 

Please contact ashlee@knoxtoronto.org for further information. 

Why the worship service?

Worship is at the heart of volunteering because we serve out of the overflow of first experiencing God's love and grace. We believe worshipping together as a team of volunteers will deepen our commitment to God's mission, as well as give us energy and renewed vision for the year ahead. 

What if I can't come?

We understand that there may be scheduling conflicts, here are 2 alternative options:

1) Contact your specific ministry leader to schedule a "catch up" training session within a month.

2)  Attend volunteer training in January 

(Note: for ministry areas involving kids, youth, vulnerable adults and pastoral care responsibilities you will not be able to serve until you have completed the Leading with Care policy training)

I volunteered in the past without this training, why is it required now?

Quick answer: because we're always growing and getting better!

A big part of being a welcoming church is safety and accountability for everyone participating in our services and programs. As a church we are committed to getting better at this, so while it wasn't required of everyone in the past, our denomination, Elders and Leading with Care team are wisely requiring that we now come into compliance with all volunteers being trained in our excellent policies and procedures. 

This training also empowers all our volunteers to serve more knowledgeably and be able to handle any unexpected/emergency situation that arises while serving.