Serve the World

Not only is Knox a church home to people from all around the world, since the beginning of our existence, we have been a church sending people to share and live out good news in every corner of the earth.

If you are interested in participating in cross-cultural mission or hearing what God is up to through the global church, Knox is a great place for that.

Missions Hub — Are you interested in serving in cross-cultural mission but don’t know where to start? The Missions Hub is the perfect place to begin the conversation, prayer and discernment about what (and where!) God might be calling you to serve. Check out the Missions Hub at or contact Khevna Dave,

Knox World Mission — Do you have a set plan to serve cross-culturally and wonder how your church family at Knox can support you? Or are you interested in keeping up-to-date with those we support in cross-cultural mission? Visit or connect with Elder Katie Fuller,